Achieve Your Targets

  • Are you interested in achieving your targets for the year?
  • Have you been inconsistent in your ability to achieve your targets in the past?
  • Do you want someone in your corner encouraging you on?

Whether you are the business owner or a team member, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions our virtual One-to-One Coaching or Group Coaching programs can propel you toward your targets by building momentum, shifting probabilities in your favor, and keeping your intensity and laser focus. Sessions can be purchased individually or in conjunction with the Group Coaching options.

Thought Partner

Customized, in person “Thought Partner” sessions are also available.  Schedule a call here  to discuss your needs.


One-to-One Coaching provides you the opportunity for a more customized coaching program, focusing the conversation on your specific needs.  These mentoring sessions are with Jody A. Ruth, who brings her extensive experience coaching individuals who have successfully achieved targets they considered insurmountable.

Choose Your One-to-One Coaching Package

One 50 minute One-to-One Coaching session focused on your specific situation.


Four 50 minute One-to-One Coaching sessions bought as a package. Save 10% or $125 below the individual session rate.


Twelve 50 minute One-to-One Coaching sessions bought as a package. Save 15% or $580 below the individual session rate.


Twenty-four 50 minute One-to-One Coaching sessions bought as a package. Save 20% or $1,540 below the individual session rate.



Virtual group sessions help build your knowledge base, build your persistence muscle, create space to think about your goals, and help you build momentum. The sessions cover a variety of topics from every day business issues, such as understanding financial statements to key items to consider in due diligence when acquiring a company to typical operating and financial metrics. Topics also include theory around goal setting and the actions necessary to achieve aggressive targets, including the principals from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, as well as other works. Provided via webinar, Jody A. Ruth, an accomplished speaker, brings her wealth of real-life experiences and case studies to each Group Coaching learning session. Guest speakers, who are subject-matter experts on a variety of topics, will bring their knowledge to certain webinar learning sessions. The Inner Circle taps into the power of a mastermind to propel members to their targets.

Choose Your Group Coaching Package

Do you want to keep the focus and make sure you have time to work on your business and not in your business? Three ’nuggets’ or videos per week discussing a variety of relevant business topics or theory around achieving goals and targets. Each 20-minute ’nugget’ can be viewed on your own timeline.

$125.00 Monthly Subscription.

Build momentum until you feel you are powered by rocket fuel! Join a group of highly motivated individuals for two powerful and intense group mentoring sessions each week. The first session each week will be a one-hour webinar on a specific topic related to business, goal setting and the theory of goal setting, and the actions necessary to achieve aggressive targets. Webinars will be led by Jody A. Ruth and other guest, subject-matter experts. There will be time to ask questions on the topic covered. The second hour-long session focuses on problem solving your real issues and taps into the power of the mastermind to propel you toward your targets. Inner Circle webinars are scheduled at 8:00 AM EST on Wednesdays and Fridays.

$1,500.00 Six Month Agreement – Paid Monthly

$7,200.00 Six Month Agreement – One Payment. Save 20% or $1,800.