Jody A. Ruth, CEO, is a leader in achieving goals, helping companies grow revenues and increase cash flow—when times are good, as well as when times are more challenging. In highly-rated sessions, Jody addresses:

  • Financial best practices
  • Optimizing exit value
  • Action steps to achieve goals and targets, including the effective use of metrics

A seasoned speaker, Jody brings energy and inspiration to groups, with lively audience interaction and participation through case studies and real-time brainstorming.  Jody always leaves her audience with real-world action steps that they can immediately implement in their positions.

A two-hour workshop focused on the action steps that need to be taken day-by-day to assess, recalibrate, and achieve your goals.  This workshop includes plenty of time to apply and interpret the material for your targeted goals.

A one-hour engagement that identifies the value a CFO brings when operating as a strategic financial partner.

A 30-minute engagement that identifies the intricacies of cash flow and how to understand the relationship with financial statements.

A one-hour engagement that gives the audience a methodology and process to use in creating financial projects that are meaningful.

A one-hour engagement focused on the critical success factors in scaling any type of business or not for profit and the order in which to build the correct foundation.

A one-hour engagement that gives business owners and key leaders insight into value drivers so they can focus their energy an operational tactics that will increase their businesses’ value.

A one-hour engagement that focuses the audience on tools and techniques to monitor and act on metrics to achieve targets and goals.

A one-hour engagement that fuses the audience on the design of an effective set of metrics to monitor the progress toward achieving goals and targets.

A one-hour session that introduces customer life-time value and why it is a more valuable tool than project profitability.

An engagement that provides focus and direction, utilizing appropriate exercises to maximize the effectiveness of your strategic planning and other meetings, which allows all members of the team to focus on the desired outcome.